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outtakes from thailand.

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my husband on the ferry to ko phi phi.

oh you know, just a monkey in a flippin’ bikini sitting on my head.

perfection in ko lanta.

long tail boats. i love the bright colored flowers.

so happy to be in phi phi.

matt swinging monkey girl.

two sets of feet in my photos now.

with our elephant.

on top of the elephant. so rad. like riding a dinosaur.

bliss at the sanctuary in ko phangan.

a super scary long tail ride.

reunited with our LA friends.

gorgeous sunset in phi phi.

off our balcony at lebua hotel in bangkok.

inspire: kate mcclafferty.

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writer & blogger; actress; world traveler; goal setter and list writer.

what’s the best part of your day?
climbing into bed at the end of the day with my fiancée brian. we cuddle and talk about our days…it almost always ends with laughter.

what inspires you?
great books
honest people
trying new things

your favorite trip.
a recent trip my fiancée and i took to nepal. we went on a 10-day trek in the himalayas and it was such an incredible journey of the mind, body and spirit. the nepali people are the kindest and most joyful people i have ever met. i yearn to be back there.

what’s your ideal sunday?
waking up without an alarm clock, drinking coffee in bed (especially if it’s brought to me!) while reading, a sweaty yoga class, brunch (i’m a sucker for a good brunch), writing, cooking dinner with friends, music and a glass of wine.

your favorite words of wisdom.
“be in love with your life every minute of it” – jack kerouac

when do you feel most “you?”
when i am sitting cross legged on my couch writing on my trusty laptop.

what fulfills you?
feeling connected to myself and those around me.

your favorite outfit.
skinny jeans, worn boots and a joe’s t-shirt. heaven.

what’s on your ipod?
beruit, the temper trap, old school madonna, bon iver, local natives, van morrison, edith piaf, al green, little joy, mgmt, lcd soundsystem

five things you love.
bri-guy (my future husband)
my family (they are a really good bunch)
buttery chardonnay

how you feel in one word today.

off i go!

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tomorrow eve i’m heading to geneva, switzerland for the week to teach yoga to some amazing pro-mountain bikers with lululemon.

usually i’m a lil’ blogging machine while i’m gone but i think i’m going to take this time to be quiet, to fully focus on where i am and who i’m with and brainstorm/write in my journal/read lotsa books. (however i will post the winners of the tea giveaway on wednesday on the actual post!)

catch ya when i get back.


from lisbon with love.

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once twenty.
now almost thirty.
eyes still wide.
always lost.
forever stopping for vino tinto in candlelit hideaways.
travel is falling in love with (your)Self.
intuition or my nose,
turns me right or left, or straight on toward the ocean breeze.
oh, an alley?
how about tapas&wine&jazzy hip hop?
an a homemade chocolate mousse drenched in olive oil and sea salt.
(yes please.)
then a wide view. bright colors. tripping on cobblestones and  always looking up.
i am older now.
still a backpack and crazy knotted hair.
i can hear my dad’s stories – a conch shell & typed letters & (so many) rugby jerseys.
i collect my own stories now.
but still hold tightly to his.

“i am from california.”
am I?
a map that is crumpled and does me absolutely no good in this enchanted city of winding-ness.
rue ____.
that’s me.
i am (bigger)(smaller)(nothing)(everything).

i wanna see it all.

getting away.

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thursday evening matt and i hopped on a red eye – after devouring a few fish tacos and glasses of red wine at one of our fave neighborhood spots, the yard – to north carolina. after an unbelievably easy four-hour flight (we both slept the entire way), we arrived in charlotte, picked up some dunkin’ donuts coffees (YES!) and were off to the blue ridge mountains in our rental car.

there’s something about getting away. whether it’s up the coast just thirty minutes for fresh seafood served in a paper box and some beach time, or if it’s flying across the country for less than 56 hours, it’s just good for the soul. i love seeing a new place, trying a new coffee shop (unless of course dunkin’ donuts is around and then there will be NO new coffee shops), or eating on a patio i’ll probably never eat on again. it just feels good, and fresh, and helps you gain new perspective.

there’s also something about spending time with your future husband’s family. especially if they are good eggs, which they all are. i have a feeling this has something to do with it being a hodgepodge of jersey, kentucky and ohio family all in one house. we spent the weekend doing.. well, not much actually.. but that was the beauty of it. a little shopping, a lot of eating, a lot more of catching up, some puzzles (not me. ugh.), movies, roller derby (yes, i’m serious.) and the most sleeping i’ve done since costa rica. a perfect quick trip where we packed in a lot of memories, laughs and calories (especially for me. i devoured so much candy. what is wrong with me??)

and i’m really looking forward to a trip when matt and i finally get away, just the two of us, to explore somewhere new. even if it’s just thirty minutes away.

inspire: stefan caiafa.

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i chose this photograph of stefan because it embodies him so well. always on an adventures, completely soaking it up, yet quietly observing. stefan and i worked together at national geographic for a few years, and though we are now separate by a whole lotta ocean (he’s in london; i’m in los angeles) we are kindred spirits who will no doubt pick up exactly where we left off.what i admire most about stefan – his unconditional love for those in his life, his lovableness (a seriously handsome human teddy bear), his creativity, his love of adventure and pink wine, his ability to whip up a gourmet meal in a jiffy. i miss him dearly.

what’s the best part of your day?
i have my clearest thoughts when i’m in the shower, which usually happens in the morning. water + alerting = my neurons firing at their best.

what inspires you?
aside from being surrounded by water… the simple things: human emotions… music… the sky in all its infinite glory… windswept landscapes… and, above all, traveling this wonderful little planet of ours.

your favorite trip. 
this is like choosing children for me. but the month i spent overlanding in southern africa was a fortunate combination of bliss, adventure, fulfillment, and peace.

what’s your ideal sunday? 
wake up early, open the curtains, then move to the couch for a cat nap. :) spend the day being mobile, productive, and meeting up with friends, then ending it all with at least two hours in the kitchen, cooking up something new and tasty. ideally culminating in serving concoctions to loved ones.

your favorite words of wisdom. 
“to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” apart from the more obvious interpretation, i also take these words to mean: never underestimate the importance of your actions (good or bad) on others… your smile or frown could make or break someone else’s day, so choose how you wish to interact wisely.

when do you feel most “you?” 
when i’m laughing. either with others or with myself, there’s nothing more true to my heart than being completely immersed in the all-encompassing lightness of humour.

<what fulfills you? 
accomplishing just about anything. i’m a perfectionist and it’s hard for me to let go of things at the right time (i often go beyond the prime)… so knowing when you’ve reached the threshold of completion, and stepping away with a sense of closure, can be entirely fulfilling.

your favorite outfit. 
if I had to build one based on my favourite items it would involve my green ostrich-skin cowboy boots from texas, my speedos from brazil, my father’s levi’s cowboy shirt from the 70s, and my multi-coloured scarf from india. not sure that would fly outside the home, though. (editors note: please wear this to our wedding! ha!!)

what’s on your ipod?
roughly 12,000 songs. lately i’ve been listening to all in forms by bonobo, hey it’s ok and this is a love song by lilly wood and the prick, and i’m also on a retro kick with enigma’s return to innocence (still so good after all these years).

five things you love.
cooking with friends. listening to my dad play the piano. sunshine hitting my skin. the wind hitting my face. the sea embracing my body as i take the very first plunge into a wave.

how you feel in one word today.