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thirty days of gratitude: day eight.

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i’m sure you saw this one coming like a million miles away. it’s been one year since we adopted this little bundle of joy/mischief/farting and i cannot imagine our lives without her. she has brought us so many laughs and already taught us a whole lot about love and being completely present. life is way better with her around. and as my mom says, “that is the most loved dog i have ever met.” i have a feeling this is more of a statement about how spoiled she is, but hell, i’ll take it.

a coffee + a parking ticket + a walk with my pup.

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this morning seemed as though it was off to a strong start – nine hours of sleep, a good class with one of my private clients and coffee with a friend. i had gotten a pretty awesome parking spot on abbott kinney and even said to my friend, “man, isn’t it amazing how easy it is to park here?”

fast forward to three hours later, after i’d gotten a phone call that one of my corporate classes had been temporarily put on hold due to funds, i pull up to the house and lo’ and behold – a parking ticket on the windshield of my car. somehow i’d missed it earlier.

it was actually pretty funny. i had gone as far as to comment on the amazing parking spot, while looking at my car, and hadn’t noticed. (in my defense, it was wedged pretty far down the windshield). oh, and the spot was good but not “75 bucks good.” the $2 coffee was pretty yummy though.

so i put on my converse, grabbed rosy’s leash and we spent a good half hour running around in the park and then lying on our backs looking up at the blue sky.

and that’s the way you turn a crap day right around.

why i love sundays, in a nutshell.

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life lately.

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from the top: rose at brunch with matt; my baby girl; the boy band; the boy boy en route.

life lately.

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from the top: tribal markings from amir; rosy waiting for food to fall; the “boys.”

life lately.

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clockwise from top left: a glass of rose while sunbathing and some “light” reading; rosy catching some zzzzzz’s; patrick making himself useful with his knife and an avocado (yum); the biggest coffee ever at my new favorite spot zinque.