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inspire: danielle dowling.

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relationship expert, writer & coach; ultra inspiring beauty; jersey girl!; course in miracles student.  

what’s the best part of your day?
when i wake up in the morning, make a cup of coffee and open the windows to my balcony. that first deep breath of fresh air + hearing the birds makes me feel alive + grateful.

what inspires you?
nature…in a major way. i feel very connected to the outdoors. i see love at it’s best in the green lush landscape of griffith park and the blue, blue water at the malibu shore. there’s even a few potted plants on my balcony that i’m trying to keep alive – i admire their resiliency to survive….despite my poor watering skills!!

your favorite trip.
any one that involves a massage, red wine + a couple good belly laughs.

what’s your ideal sunday?
sleeping in, grabbing a green juice, a gentle yoga class on my new manduka mat and late afternoon movies on the couch with my boyfriend. oh! in pajamas of course.

your favorite words of wisdom.
it’s never to late to be you. and the universe has a better plan than i do.

when do you feel most “you?”
when i’m outside;
doing yoga;
+ inspiring women to lead inspiring lives.

what fulfills you?
making a difference in others lives.

your favorite outfit.
during the week: dark jeans, fitted tank top, blazer, high heels + some rocking jewelry.
weekend: lululemon + flip flops….of course. (is there any woman not in her yoga clothes all weekend?)

what’s on your ipod?
p!nk, rihanna, jay-z, jill scott, jazz + meditation music.

five things you love.
hugs + kisses
lip gloss
red nails
integrity (that’s 6)

how you feel in one word today.


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greetings from los angeles.

i’ve been MIA. i’m just coming out of some sort of holiday vortex. gourmet meals; oodles of vino, movies & laughs; tons of time with fam and friends. i am spent.

it’s times like this when i am so far out of my routine that i really appreciate my life. i love waking up and making coffee or tea, taking a bath (yes, i actually take baths many mornings with candles, bubblebath and said tea. i’m a bathtub diva.), and connecting with matt and rosy. on the flip side, it’s also this time with family that makes me so damn grateful for where i came from and from whom.

that being said, here’s how i’m gettin’ my mojo back this weekend:

practicing tons of yoga. last night i took an amazing class with one of my great friends and mentors ally hamilton, and i’ve been practicing some hot yoga too which i’m really loving (fave teacher so far is dene logan selkin.)

playing with my new ipad! matt gave me his fairly new one since he never uses it and i am stoked!

planning my trip to switzerland to teach pro-mountain bikers. (leaving in two weeks. is this my life?)

making lists. SO MANY LISTS. wedding planning, life planning, class planning out the waaazooo.

hiking and movie watching with my man. it’s like, hi, i’ve been with you for two weeks straight yet i feel like i haven’t seen you at all. yep, just like that.

avoiding vino. like the plague.

have a beautiful weekend! hopefully i’ll be back in full force next week.


bliss list: what i’m loving.

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song of style. i love song of style’s blog. and this photo rocks my world.

wine juice boxes. seriously?!

50 reasons los angeles is the best. LA is just a big, gorgeous playground. learn when to avoid the traffic and it’s gravy baby.

urban camping. just a cheap hotel and a pool. why not?

learning to be. love this heartfelt post by erin of well in LA.

carissa’s playlists. as well as her daily musings and updates.

these gorgeous flying houses. via the lovely, inspired crew at free people.

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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m cafe’s detox hour. yummy.

erin loves mornings too.

tips for establishing a home yoga practice.

this rumi poem.

it’s either a “hell yeah” or a “no.”

a burger with an egg on it. seriously. every single time.


thirty days of gratitude: day 15.

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my amazing students at the down syndrome association.
my classes with families with anyone with down syndrome have been some of the most meaningful classes of my entire life. there is an openness, a sense of compassion, a sense of humor. there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a parent connect with their child through the lens of unconditional love.


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when my fiance got home from his business trip a few days ago, i hardly expected him to suggest us doing a juice cleanse. matt is a 6’4″ meat-loving, crossfitting east coast boy that usually comes home from his trips with 135 ways to cook bacon; not so much the juice cleansing sort. but being super into nutrition and cooking, a conversation with his friends dallas has got him on a big ol’ veggie kick and i’m super stoked about it.

we started our cleanse today with a couple of close friends. it’s only 5:29 pm which means we are near approaching not having eaten in 24 hours. so far i am exhausted, bloated and avoiding tantalizing food commericals like they are the plague.

it’s only THREE days. so little time but i have a feeling these three days might drag on a bit. i’ll be nurturing myself with lots of yoga, bubble baths, acupuncture, hot detox teas, movies and books.

my intention: to feel lighter, way more focused, bright skin and eyes, a super healthy digestive system.

oh, and to just survive this.