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the non-juice cleansin’ yogini.

Posted on June 6th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

this week my husband is on a juice cleanse.

by himself.

he’s a 6’4, 230-pound new jersey-bred crossfitter with a beard and tats. not exactly what you’d imagine for a woo-woo juice cleanse.

i however, am a venice beach yoga teacher that tries to eat healthy and practice just about every day, and i cannot last eight hours without eating.

we did our first juice cleanse in january. matt was fine the entire time – worked out every day, eyes sparkling, tons of energy, bouncing around the house. i was laying on the floor, bitching and moaning, running into stuff and could hardly make it through teaching my own yoga class, let alone take one. after that, i said never again. i didn’t feel exceptional afterward and just felt bloated and puffy.

on monday matt came home with his four days of juices and he’d picked me up a one-day juice cleanse. ah, hell. i can do ONE day, right? apparently not. by 4 pm i was texting my friend rachelle and telling her i was on my way to california chicken cafe to get a salad. just not happening.

i do have willpower. my diet is comprised of mostly greens, healthy fats and proteins. i’ve completed whole30 twice (for those that don’t know that’s no gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol and, in our case, caffeine for 30 days) and felt amazing. i can give up things for the week. i can eat vegan even. but i cannot consume only juice. (okay cannot is strong. i’ve done it once. i just strongly disliked it.)

so today is day 3 for my beloved. he’s going strong. i had nachos and wine after yoga with my girlfriend last night.

but i only had one glass.


last day!

Posted on November 16th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

i’m seriously sick of juice.

but i’m always really proud of matt and i. we have totally stuck out the past three days, and while i’ve done a bit of whining about headaches and wooziness, he hasn’t said a word. we’ve supplemented with acupuncture, massages, naps, movies by the fire, movies in the theatre, and lots of detox and ginger tea.

do i feel super amazing? eh, not really. and starting tomorrow, we will still be eating really healthy until thanksgiving. lots of big salads and warm soups and hot teas.

what i do feel is back in control. in control of my relationship with food, and rather than it being a total necessity (we haven’t really been hungry for the three days. the juices really do the trick.), it’s an amazing gift that gives you strength and vitality, and tastes soooooo good. (in fact, when matt was planning a thanksgiving menu this morning i practically had to wipe the drool off my chin.)

i feel lighter. my sinuses are so clear, i am smelling things i haven’t in months. my skin and eyes are bright. my mind is really clear for moments and then foggy as hell. all in all, these past few days have been a lot of fun, and i definitely couldn’t have done it so easily without the support of matt. he is a rock. my rock.

oh, and i am going to eat the SHIT outta some kale tomorrow. cannot even wait.


Posted on November 14th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

when my fiance got home from his business trip a few days ago, i hardly expected him to suggest us doing a juice cleanse. matt is a 6’4″ meat-loving, crossfitting east coast boy that usually comes home from his trips with 135 ways to cook bacon; not so much the juice cleansing sort. but being super into nutrition and cooking, a conversation with his friends dallas has got him on a big ol’ veggie kick and i’m super stoked about it.

we started our cleanse today with a couple of close friends. it’s only 5:29 pm which means we are near approaching not having eaten in 24 hours. so far i am exhausted, bloated and avoiding tantalizing food commericals like they are the plague.

it’s only THREE days. so little time but i have a feeling these three days might drag on a bit. i’ll be nurturing myself with lots of yoga, bubble baths, acupuncture, hot detox teas, movies and books.

my intention: to feel lighter, way more focused, bright skin and eyes, a super healthy digestive system.

oh, and to just survive this.


Posted on May 9th, by mb in blissed living. 4 comments

today is day one of my juice cleanse.

well, maybe i shouldn’t call it a juice cleanse because if  i want to eat a bowl of kale, i’m going to eat a bowl of kale. what i’m aiming for is to eat all raw veggies and some fruits, mostly in juice form, for 4 or 5 days. (i got some juicin’ ideas from my yoga teacher/health coach bud caley.)

it’s been awhile since someone asked me how i was and i’ve had to hold back from saying, “magnificent! amazing! holy shit!”

yes, i feel pretty good for the most part. i have a healthy diet, i’m active, and i’m very fortunate to be experiencing a lot of love in my life right now.

BUT.. (there’s always a ‘but’ right?)

i want to feel amazing. nothing short of it.

light, springy, active, healthy, radiant.

you get the picture, i’m sure.

in the past year and a half, pretty much since the day my very healthy fiance and i started dating, i’ve cut gluten and dairy almost entirely. i try to stay away from sugar but i still love chocolate. i drink less vino. we try to juice in the morning and stick to one caffeinated drink a day. if someone would’ve told me that’d be my diet five years ago, i would’ve a) thought i had turned into the lamest person on earth  2) been shocked that i was capable of that.

but it’s not because we’re lame that we do that. we are also the first people to order something crazydecadentdelish at a restaurant and drink a bunch of great wine with our friends, but for the day-to-day, in order to be inspired and inspiring and good at what we do, we’ve gotta feel good.

once i started to slowly cut some of the “crap” out of my diet, i felt too good to stop. bread tasted like cardboard. bad wine gave me a hangover worse than jameson. i didn’t crave the things i used to. they didn’t serve me anymore.

and though i certainly eat pretty damn good, i wanna feel better. i want to get creative with what i eat, cook, and share it with friends. i want to leave the farmers’ market every week with a huge bag of produce, not just a carton of kumquats.

but in the meantime, i have a nasty caffeine withdrawal headache.