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a few involuntary days off.

Posted on September 20th, by mb in gratitude. 1 Comment

i used to love me some sick days.

it started when i was younger. every once in awhile my mom would grant me a “mental health day.” a day to hang with her at the house, baking cookies and watching oprah and reading books. the solitude-loving sometimes introvert in me lived for those days. no need for trying, putting in a face and braving the halls of whatever grade i was in. hell, no need to even get outta my pjs.

but tuesday afternoon when the marriage fairy granted me the most painful UTI i have ever experienced, i was not excited. we tried all the natural remedies first – gallons of water, vitamin C, cranberry extract, a V-steam at my local spa (don’t even ask), antibiotics – and nothing worked.

besides the extra snuggle time with rosy and the guilty pleasure of watching every kardashidan episode possible (i really like them. i’m sorry, i do.), i am super over laying around and feeling like crap. you’d think having a few days off you’d be the most productive person on the planet but that never seems to happen. just kardashidans and homemade nachos. for days. ugh. (UTIs don’t exactly bring out the best version of yourself.)

in spite of all of this bitching and moaning, feeling as i have this past week i also feel extremely, extremely grateful for all of the amazing things my body is capable of and once it kicks in high gear, i can’t wait to get back to it –

sweaty yoga class followed by laying in your own puddle savasana.
home practice on the patio under all of our flowering trees.
hiking toward the smell of the ocean.
running the hill by my house. endorphins + extreme soreness = makes me feel very pleased with myself.
oh, and sexy time. which is exactly what got me here in the first place.

and the reason i don’t like missing out on my daily life anymore?

because i love it. i am blessed to do what i love, to live by the ocean, to be surrounded by amazing people, to have a mostly very healthy body.

and that girl that wanted to miss out on school and daily life every chance she could get?

she doesn’t live here anymore.


last day!

Posted on November 16th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

i’m seriously sick of juice.

but i’m always really proud of matt and i. we have totally stuck out the past three days, and while i’ve done a bit of whining about headaches and wooziness, he hasn’t said a word. we’ve supplemented with acupuncture, massages, naps, movies by the fire, movies in the theatre, and lots of detox and ginger tea.

do i feel super amazing? eh, not really. and starting tomorrow, we will still be eating really healthy until thanksgiving. lots of big salads and warm soups and hot teas.

what i do feel is back in control. in control of my relationship with food, and rather than it being a total necessity (we haven’t really been hungry for the three days. the juices really do the trick.), it’s an amazing gift that gives you strength and vitality, and tastes soooooo good. (in fact, when matt was planning a thanksgiving menu this morning i practically had to wipe the drool off my chin.)

i feel lighter. my sinuses are so clear, i am smelling things i haven’t in months. my skin and eyes are bright. my mind is really clear for moments and then foggy as hell. all in all, these past few days have been a lot of fun, and i definitely couldn’t have done it so easily without the support of matt. he is a rock. my rock.

oh, and i am going to eat the SHIT outta some kale tomorrow. cannot even wait.

to my breath.

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i have been doing a pretty decent amount of complaining about my health lately. for the past couple of months i’ve felt like a broken record – asthma this, asthma that – and it’s a cycle that i am really hoping comes to the end. but as i make my way out this most recent episode of attacks, with a new inhaler that i am truly hoping that turn things around, i’ve realized how lucky i am that this is all that i am experiencing. every day i work with people who are experiencing traumatic things in their lives, whether it be health, anxiety or just a really rough hand to be dealt period, and am constantly in awe of their ability to get through it (some, not all, of course). i feel lucky to only be dealing with my asthma. my asthma is a gift – it teaches me to slow down; to pay attention to what i’m eating, how i’m living, the air i am breathing; and to never take  a single breath for granted. there is nothing scarier than when the walls start to close in and you can’t breathe. the opposite of that: sitting in the grass breathing in ocean air when i am feeling healthy because I CAN.

so here’s to my breath and to never ever taking you for granted. thank you.

a week of greens.

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this week i needed straight up veggie power and a little kick in the arse. so fueled by a giant green smoothie and a salad every single day, i am feeling pretty awesome. and then couple that with sweaty yoga or spin classes.

here’s my fave smoothie recipe from kris carr. enjoy!!

green goddess smoothie

blend (we use a vitamix):
– 1.5 cups coconut water
– 1 chopped cucumber
– 1 chopped pear
– 1/2 avocado
– 1 handful spinach
– 2 sprinkles cinnamon
– optional: 1 serving stevia

and i like to drink mine out of a mason jar.