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life lately.

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from the top: my birthday boy; jasper putting on his “rockstar show;” handel group homework; sleepy pup.

the messy.

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the past weekend i spent 14 hours learning an abridged but powerful version of the handel group method, hearing people’s stories and hesitantly voicing my own. i walked in nervous. i knew i was going to get called on my shit. and it was exactly why i signed up for the course.

you know why i was going to get called on?

because i’m not always truthful.

the chai lattes, the bare feet, the farmers’ markets, my love and my pup – all of these things are true, and they all make my heart skip a beat. but sometimes in the poeticizing of my daily life, something gets lost and that’s that my life isn’t always seen through rose-colored lenses.

a few things i’ll go ahead and admit publicly – i can be very defensive. i drink too much wine when indulging. i have a hard time maintaining a disciplined yoga practice. i am a bit OCD. i’ve hurt the people i love the most time and time again.

whoa, you know what? that felt really good.

just as i declared when i was at the summit: “by standing in my truth i inspire.”

i am committed to that. i believe living a truthful, bliss-filled life is possible, but sometimes very, very messy, and that’s okay. it’s part of the deal. the dark with the light; the beautiful and the ugly. without one, i wouldn’t be the other.

and that’s rad.

inspire: elena brower.

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just this past week i was in elena’s class at the tadasana festival practicing next to at least 100 other people. as she navigated the room teaching the speaker system kept shorting, making it so we couldn’t here her over the loud, and really beautiful, live music. after a half hour of this, she just stops as we are in a transitional runner’s lunge and puts her arms in the arm to signal silence.

she says something to the affect of “the microphone is making me nuts, and the music is a little too loud for me to speak over today. now doesn’t the truth feel good?” and proceeds to smile really big.

this is exactly why i love elena.

though she definitely teaches yoga, to call her a yoga teacher is not a fair description. she is a teacher. period. whether it’s instructing crescent pose, or how to navigate your relationship with grace, elena is honest, raw, and real, and that’s what sticks. that’s what keeps you coming back for more. i want more.

what’s the best part of your day?
when i can get really close to jonah and he lets me linger near his little cheek for more than 5 seconds.

what inspires you?
my parents.

your favorite trip.
has to be italy, spain or france, some sort of fairly long drive, and a combination of rich greens and blues on which i may feast my eyes.

what’s your ideal sunday?
a fast run with my son on his scooter, my own yoga practice, a long shower, then lunch with my family (including parents, boyfriend, his son, his son’s mama who’s become one of my dearest friends, my son, my son’s daddy – we’re all in it together and have the best time).

your favorite words of wisdom.
mediocrity or genius? fear or love? your call.

when do you feel most “you?”
practicing yoga in my own house.

what fulfills you?
my son’s happiness.

your favorite outfit.
white jean shorts and white marni blouse.

what’s on your ipod?
at the moment, i waver between garth stevenson and random rab.

five things you love.
my family
steamed kale with my sweet white miso dressing

my son’s artwork
getting coached to tell the truth when i don’t want to

how you feel in one word today.