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a couple of inspiring friends, rachelle and caley, and i have combined forces resulting in : handstands, hamsas and BLISS!

our intention is to inspire personal strength through practice, to emphasize the importance of finding bliss in all things, and to give you the tools to learn how to spread your message and the message of others who are making this world a healthier, brighter, more soulful place. we will be doing this thru challenges (like instagram below!), workshops, outreach, etc.

so we are excited to announce our first instagram challenge…

we want to know what inspires you, and lights you up from the inside out. here’s your challenge: post a pic everyday of something that feeds your soul. anything from handstands, hiking, family, friends, food, pets, to green grass, blue sky, stretchy pants, a good beer, etc.

be creative, be honest, and connect with others. tag @caleyalyssa @marybethlarue @the_neshma_project with your #dailysoul hashtag, every day for the month of june.

let’s inspire each other through our images to remember to feed our souls as well as our bodies and minds! ready, set…GO! well, in a couple days anyway. ;)

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on friends.

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if there’s anyway to describe life right now it’s full. and it’s most certainly not just mine.

just this morning we got together for a little diner breakfast send-off for ashley who is heading to uganda for the next couple of months.


so amazing.

and the rad part is that all of us are in that space of doing really cool things and the even better part is that we are radically supporting the hell out of one another.

friday night after much vino and sunshine, a few of us sat in my living room talking about just that. i grew up pretty terrified of other girls, and my friends agreed that they felt the same way. being “supportive” was just about as foreign to me as the ocean in small town iowa, and when i look back at that, it makes me sad. when i got to college, i was surprised at how nice girls could be, but definitely still scared and very unwilling to make myself vulnerable to anyone that could hurt me. you can imagine just how much fun that was..! it took up so much precious energy too.

turning thirty in just a few months has made me look back at these different stages of my life, of myself, and i feel almost jumpupanddown grateful to be where i am. yes, of course, i still feel weird tinges of jealously or bitchiness for no apparent reason, but now i check myself. “what the hell is this about?” on some days and other days i ask myself more compassionately. and then i work to take a big leap in the direction of vulnerability. that’s where all the juiciness lives. that’s where my friendships are flourishing.

at one point a few months ago a friend of mine and i had a big ol’ ah-ha moment where we both realized that we had completely different stories about one another playing in our heads. those stories were creating this almost hilariously huge wall between us – i couldn’t see her; she couldn’t see me. hell, we couldn’t even shout over it. once we figured that out, and uncovered it, the darkness of it all just sort of vanished. it almost became funny and is especially funny now, that we have become extremely close and collaborative.

if something or someone scares you, good! dig in. get juicy. have a cry. uncover the story. and then have a hell of a good laugh over it, and perhaps a glass of wine. all we can hope for is to become more and more ourselves in this lifetime and be surrounded by those who support it.

(thanks to all of my inspiring friends who love my light and dark, laugh and cry with me, and share many good bottles of wine. i love you.)


thirty days of gratitude: day 22.

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i love thanksgiving. the chill in the air, the feast, the football, the drinks, the laziness of the day, the company. this is by far, my favorite time of year (christmas included.)

thirty days of gratitude: day 13.

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my friends.
i chose this photo because there’s no way i can post photos of all of the amazing friends in my life, and this is the exact sort of madness and laughter that ensues when i am with any of my friends. whether we are running to ikea or drinking wine on the patio, there is always something to laugh about, always an inspiring conversation or two, and a letting down of any walls or worries. i’ve always been grateful for my friends, but in the past few years they have become such an amazing support and extended family. major love.

venice love affair.

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this weekend was a celebration of everything i love about living where i do – walking barefoot, swimming in the ocean, fresh juice year round, a whole lotta salt water up my nose after surfing for a couple of hours, drinking beers with great friends.



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matt and i have been together for a year and a half, and have NEVER, let me repeat, NEVER, been on a trip alone. considering we are lucky to have family who loves us a lot and vice versa, we are almost always traveling to see them or to see friends. we were due for a weekend away.

this trip coincided with a trip to see our wedding venue, a gorgeous barn in central coast wine country, and since my birthday (29!) is a couple weeks away we decided to celebrate that too. friday morning we hit the road after freshly made artichoke soup and big almond milk lattes, and headed up the coast. bruce springsteen blaring with the windows down and me scribbling all over my favorite new book. after a three-hour drive we stopped in san luis obispo for the best tri-tip sandwich at the firestone grill, and after securing our wedding venue, decided to do a little vino tasting before checking into our SUPER QUIRKY hotel room at the madonna inn.

the weekend was full of laughter, a whole lotta wine, exploring and getting lost, planning our wedding, and the opportunity to truly connect again. when there is no to-do list, no schedule, barely an itinerary, you get to fall in love again. not just with one another, but with the pace and sweet surprises of life.