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digging in.

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i spent a couple of hours yesterday on our back deck wrapped in a blanket with a pot of lapsang souchong tea and books piled high. after not reading anything but smut for a couple of months (seriously. since we got cable i forgot how to read. despicable.) i hit the ground running with danielle laporte’s desire map, anne lamott’s some thoughts on faith and another lil’ gem called if the buddha married.

i read blogs like it’s my job but it has definitely been awhile since i have sat and dug deep into some mind-expanding, life-altering books, and all of these books are most certainly that.

what are you reading these days?

a few of my fave parts so far with more to come:





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this year my intentions are all around balance because no matter what happens this year it is bound to be pure, delicious chaos. with both of us taking trips for work, getting married in april, honeymooning in thailand, yoga retreating, building our home – yep, chaos.

i’m starting the year from a place of quiet. this month is dedicated to yoga, tea drinking and writing. taking time for solitude. walks without my cell phone. saying “no” when i need to.

my big one: karate chopping my expectations, and letting things just be. (by this i don’t mean lowering my standards or not having goals, but more allowing.)

{oh, and in other news, i just started the desire map from danielle laporte. she’s a flipping genius. what i love about this program she created is that it’s about figuring out how you want to feel and creating goals/choices/ideas based around that. rather than the other way around. mmm, so good. more on that as i progress of course.}

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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this insanely gorgeous home by mickey muenning. can you imagine lying there with a cup of chamomile tea staring up at the night sky? big sur’s waves beating at the rock. yes. and if not, try.

cream cheese-filled snickerdoodles. i try to eat pretty healthy 80 percent of the time but when i don’t, i go big. holy mother, these look delicious!

meditation for clearing the subconscious. clear your junk before the new year.

conversations with birdie. spare three minutes and i swear you’ll smile all morning.

new york city bandanas. definitely want to get rosy decked out in a ‘manhattan’ one. plus the proceeds go to hurricane relief!

this song. i adore the weeknd and wiz khalifa so i’m pretty stoked about this collaboration.

two-tone leather tablet case. definitely want this in neon magenta.

the desire map. i am madlymadlymadly in love with all of danielle laporte’s work, and seriously cannot wait to sink my teeth into her newest, juicy work.

what did eight-year-old ‘you’ love?  lil’ me loved : easy bake oven, playing outside barefoot, hunting snakes, disney channel, playing house and creating clubs/newspapers/preschools, mac and cheese.

quoteworthy: danielle laporte.

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bliss list: what i’m loving.

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these two amazing books: crazy sexy kitchen and a course in miracles.

the greenest salad recipe.

our president.

the voice. matt and i are oddly addicted to it.

this bar cart… and painting… and wall.  just everything about it.

3 tips to attract abundance.

embracing my wavy hair.

love this family and this house.

this amazing coconut body butter from trader joe’s.

planning our honeymoon.

fireplace style by apartment therapy.

quoteworthy: danielle laporte.

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“let your guard down, take the breaks off, and tear up that insurance policy – it was a rip off anyway. the status quo has been feeding you factory-grade illusions. sign up, speak up, get out, and get it on. you will fail. at some point. more than once. guaranteed. proceed anyway.”
- from danielle laporte, the firestarter sessions