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costa rica – part three.

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costa rica – part two.

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costa rica – part one.

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i couldn’t have imagined a week more magical than the one we just spent in costa rica for my yoga retreat. here are a few images from our journey with many more images and words to follow.

costa rica and my grand ole plan.

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tonight i am sitting in my treehouse listening to the sounds of tree frogs and howler monkeys. i can see every star. i am doing nothing else. absolutely nothing else.

i came to costa rica with a grand ole plan – practice vigorous vinyasa every single morning, eat a strict vegetarian diet with no dairy or gluten, stay away from email.

and how did this little plan of mine work out?

not very well.

since my first day here my knee has been so swollen that i am unable to bend it more than a few inches.

i’ve devoured elaborate vegetarian meals with fresh grains and cheeses.

i’ve e-mailed to check in on my pup and my parents.

i’ve slept a minimum of nine hours every eve with only the stars and moon lighting our bed.

i’ve drank delicious cups of costa rican coffee with howler monkeys tossing date pits from a tree above.

in order to leave the sanctuary i traverse two rivers crossing four times barefoot. in the jungle.

i’ve created lifelong bonds with the amazing people who came on my first yoga retreat.

what i needed more than anything when i stepped onto that plane a week ago was to slow down, and i’ve now been reduced to a slow crawl. i cannot remember the last time i felt this relaxed, this balance, this at ease.

i have been reminded of the absolute beauty that surrounds our every waking moment – both in our inner and outer world.

i’ve been reminded of my need to indulge the adventuress inside of me regularly.

to open my eyes and my heart as wide as i possibly can.

(the worst that could happen is that they both explode.)

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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this very springtime-y look but subbing in my beloved bulldog for this cute frenchie. (i’m loyal like that.)

artisana raw coconut butter. holy yum.

chalkboard painted walls. our new place will definitely have a few of these.

the excitement building for my upcoming yoga retreat to costa rica. (there’s still some room left if you’d like to join us!)

the delicious-smelling coconut soap nicole bought me in maui. (obviously i love everything coconut. i used to wear just a teensy bit of hawaiian tropic during east coast winters to brighten my mood.)

being home, appreciating venice, after an inspiring/whirlwind/life changing week.