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the joy of creating.

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lately it feels like there’s not enough notebooks to hold my ideas.
enough time to tuck away in a coffee shop with my laptop, headphones and an americano.
to road trip.
to wander.
to plan.

but the beautiful thing is that there’s plenty.

i find i’m most inspired when i am actively creating my day, my week and, in turn, my life.

waking up early + taking rosy on a walk to the coffee shop + clients i love + time to write = a beautiful day.

a few hikes + a coffee shop date with a best friend + sweaty yoga classes + acupuncture + time to read at the beach + teaching classes = a fulfilling week.

and these equations of “what works,” or more aptly, what inspires me, shift as i do. ebb and flow all the time to accommodate my constant changing.

if you notice your equations aren’t adding up to equal bliss, ya gotta ask yourself – why aren’t you doing what you love?

fill up your day with people who uplift you, not drag you down.
eat foods that fuel you, not make you wanna nap all day long.
do pilates because it makes you feel radiant and strong, not because you think you have to. (if you feel that way, find something else! there’s so much to choose from.)

create, create, create.
create your day. create your life.

inspire: jacki carr.

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life coach, lululemon recruiter, future denver-ite, blogger.

what’s the best part of your day?
i am the first to admit that i am not an (early) morning person.  #alarmclockhater

with that being said, i most definitely am a mid-morning person. i just adore oversized coffee mugs and sweet creamer, bacon baked in the oven and my blue-eyed boyfriend to start every great day.

what inspires you?
people living their lives in their utmost highest, light-your-life-on-fire potential and creating a radical reality.
the great outdoors.
the unreal, grounding and gravitational pull of great, heart-opening and vulnerable love.
my beautiful family.

your favorite trip.
absolutely anywhere with my tribe, being my amazing, make-me-laugh-until-tears-flowFAMILY!

be it the heartland that is indiana or the exotic beaches of greece, it is always an epic experience with delicious food, a tattoo here or there and lots of love.

i am truly grateful.

what’s your ideal sunday?
wake up.  dog walk with my boyfriend. big coffee cup in hand.
bike ride down to the santa monica farmer’s market on main street.
grab the vespa and head over to the mountains and get a morning hike in.
hit the beach for the afternoon sunshine, sand between my toes and smell of the salt air.
bike back to the love shack that is home. sweet little nap.
write a blog post. read a couple chapters in a great book.
then, off to a chill bar with friends for delicious glasses of red vino.
love shack.
falls asleep in the arms of a man I love with a sweet puppy at the bottom of the bed.

your favorite words of wisdom.
“don’t ask what the world needs. ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

when do you feel most “you?”
when I am standing on a stage in front of a group of people.
perhaps with a microphone or megaphone. either works. or neither, i am rather loud.
sharing the power of goal setting.
sharing the power of choice.
sharing the truth that there is power within each and every one of us to live life as an incredible, fun and radical adventure.
in that moment, i am vibrating on a different level.  i am playing on a different playing field.
i am so insanely alive.

what fulfills you?
people living in radical choice and creating a life they truly, truly love.
every day.

your favorite outfit.
lululemon RUN: speed shorts
lululemon cool racer back tank top
osprey waterpak backpack
vibram five finger shoes in lite blue
yellow108 bamboo sunglasses
and my dog, bear!
note:  outfit featured here.

what’s on your ipod?
man in the mirror, michael jackson
you’ve got the love, florence & the machine
lovely day, bill withers
i wanna dance with somebody, whitney houston
we built this city, starship
hurts so good, john mellencamp
don’t stop believin’, journey
got to give it up, marvin gaye
i want to know what love is, foreigner

five things you love.
1.  hiking in the mountains with friends.
2.  a dirty chai tea latte
3.  i just really, really, really love and adore my boyfriend, chris hynes.
4.  ny rescue dog, bear.
5.  baby blue colored toenails.

how you feel in one word today.

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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this liberating post on success
(what a big, scary word!) by jennifer pastiloff

manifesting our dream house (lemon trees, big backyard, lots of natural light, character) for us to move into july 1.

reconnecting with my friends (old and new) in an authentic way.

peonies. jasmine. lilies.

that my mother booked her ticket to come for a week in june for some serious, down-and-dirty, wedding planning.

anything by natalie martin. (she’s making my wedding dress! so lucky!)

ginger shots in the morning. (i’m wild like that.)


bliss list: what i’m loving.

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someday i’d like to sit in this nook with rosy and a mug of tea and a very good book.

this watch.

my morning coffee from three square bakery on abbot kinney.

pintresting a few wedding ideas. i still can’t believe we’re going to be planning our wedding.

the seawheeze lululemon half marathon. i’m tempted.

this taylor swift song. (i’m sorry. really i am. but i just totally flipping love her.)

oh, happy thursday.

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it’s 5:46 pm and i am in my pajamas, and i’ve gotta say, today that is true bliss to me.

what an unbelievable week and a half. i feel like my feet are just now coming back to earth. this morning i woke up to an email for one of my bosses letting me know that i forgot to turn off the heat, turn on the dehumidifier and left the postcard holder outside. after i wrote her back apologizing, i laughed a bit. my brain has felt completely fried the past couple of days.

my fiance (bear with me while i practice using the word. i’ve referred to him as my boyfriend almost every time since!) is out of town for a few days, and though i’m really bummed i’ve hardly had a moment alone with me, i’m looking forward to catching up on some sleep, yoga, reading and a few episodes of gossip girl and game of thrones! and most definitely major cuddles with our little bulldog, rosy.

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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this very springtime-y look but subbing in my beloved bulldog for this cute frenchie. (i’m loyal like that.)

artisana raw coconut butter. holy yum.

chalkboard painted walls. our new place will definitely have a few of these.

the excitement building for my upcoming yoga retreat to costa rica. (there’s still some room left if you’d like to join us!)

the delicious-smelling coconut soap nicole bought me in maui. (obviously i love everything coconut. i used to wear just a teensy bit of hawaiian tropic during east coast winters to brighten my mood.)

being home, appreciating venice, after an inspiring/whirlwind/life changing week.

bliss list: what i’m loving.

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my neshama project necklace. it stands for joy, peace, and luck. i wear it every single day.

homemade chai tea – almond or coconut milk (i prefer the latter), local honey, two tazo chai tea bags, cinnamon, and cardamon. seriously heavenly.

great blog post on leaving yourself space to breathe even when you are busy doing your life’s “work.”

madly in love with these free people smocked crop tops and flowy pants. oh, and the kitchen is pretty rad.

being completely gluten-free, and almost dairy and sugar-free too. (this is because my body is very sensitive to all these things, but i am big ol’ believer in the “middle way” enjoying both life and food.)

matt picked me up this acai serum for kiehl’s and it’s changing my skin. (thank god.)

being barefoot with bright red toenails.

technicolor life.

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a beautiful quiet saturday afternoon. i taught class to a bunch of fun, sweaty yogis followed by a yummy brunch and a long nap nose to nose with the pup. i feels like my entire being is letting out one big sigh.

after i wrote my last post, i got a text from one of my best friends asking, “are you okay?!”

yes, more than okay. blissfully fulfilled and happy. my days are full to the brim, but there’s nothing i want to cut out. i just don’t have a whole lot of free time right now, but when i do, i more than value it.

i want to live life like that.
one that is so rich in gratitude that everything seems to be in technicolor. the beautiful days with the windows rolled down and the music loud. the quieter days with naps and tea. even the hard days with tears and frustrations.

the other night as we were sitting on the roof of the building at sunset, palms facing up, gazing out at the sunset all i could think over and over again was thank you.

it took a lot of twists and turns to get here (i’ve missed so many beats i’ve made a rhythm) but this is home and this is my family and it grows every single day.

“i am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as i live it is my privilege to do for it whatever i can. i want to be thoroughly used up when i die. for the harder i work the more i live. i rejoice in life for its own sake.”
- george bernard shaw

new home.

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welcome to ananda’s new home. we’re definitely staying put here. hanging up some drapes, maybe a little herb garden in the back, paint the kitchen. the works.

will there still be a whole lot of quotes and photos of my beloved bulldog rosy? oh yes! but as what i do shifts and grows, i needed a new home that sustained that growth and even allowed for conversation here on the blog (i.e. in the comments.)