“I was recently reminded again about how refreshing it is to experience the combination of hard work through movement, great music, and truly special positive energy – all combined in a single yoga class from an extraordinarily enlightened and talented teacher.  This is how I feel after being in Mary Beth’s class. If you see her name on a yoga studio’s schedule – anywhere – you should do yourself the favor of getting to the mat with her.”
Jenn M., Venice

“Love love love love love this woman! My favorite teacher and classes, and I couldn’t be more grateful and happy to have met her when I moved to Venice over a year ago. I catch as many of her classes at Yoga Collective on Rose as I can, and always leave feeling completely calm, invigorated, positive (and sweaty!) Her presence and teaching demeanor is so soulful, and she authentically speaks and teaches from the heart and connects with every student in the room. I highly recommend her classes, or a private session with her for a real treat!”
Christie Bentley, Venice

“Mary Beth’s classes are inspirational. Having done many of her live streamed classes from my lounge room in Australia, I was super grateful to attend in person whilst visiting LA. Her classes are challenging but not at the expense of excluding relatively newcomers such as myself! Her playlists are incredible and she is warm and genuine, as is the crowd of students she attracts. Thanks Mary Beth – will cherish the moments!”
Nicole Dennis, Melbourne

“You can find me in Mary Beth’s class every Saturday in Venice. There is a beautiful energy that allows you to make an individual choice to relax or challenge yourself with great music, knowledgeable verbal adjustments and fun flow sequences. She speaks from the heart and drops those wisdom bombs that allow you to fall in love with your yoga practice and your own big, juicy heart over and over again. Highly recommended!”
Jacki Carr, Venice

“By far one of my favorite yoga teachers, Mary Beth has been with me since the start of my journey with yoga. Her classes are perfectly balanced: fun, sweaty, and challenging. You walk away from class feeling balanced and zen, physically and mentally.”
James Lee, Venice

“Mary Beth is a seriously amazing teacher and she has this positive, beautiful, and fun energy that you feel as soon as you walk in. It sounds cliche, but I leave her class smiling and feeling open and blissful. Her classes are the perfect balance of a challenging sweaty flow and deep stretches/relaxation, and are accessible for any level. and she always has an awesome playlist!”
Emily Fu, Venice

“Mary Beth’s yoga classes are always a perfect combination of sweat, introspection, creativity, and fun! The pace of her classes is challenging, but there’s a lightheartedness to her teaching style that brings out the most enjoyable parts of pushing my edge. (The funky music she often plays during the class fits right in!) No matter how I feel coming into one of Mary Beth’s classes, I always leave feeling more energetic, more peaceful, more centered, and simply happier.”
Steve Bott, Los Angeles

“If you have the opportunity to take a class from Mary Beth, don’t hesitate! Her classes are fantastic. She offers modifications for beginning/injured/advanced students, so everyone’s needs are met. Mary Beth is encouraging, kind, and a joy to be around. Yoga was an exciting thing to start, but for me it was also kind of scary, and I had booming negative internal voices to fight. Mary Beth’s guidance made me feel safe (physically & otherwise) and motivated to keep going. I’m happy to say I’m stronger & more flexible, thanks to yoga! I take her classes in the studio, and I stream at home when I can’t make it in – her classes light up my life! The blissed flow spreads from the mat into the rest of my life. I have no complaints, whatsoever. I’m a former DJ and a huge music snob, and I LOVE the music Mary Beth plays during class. I hope you enjoy her classes as much as I do.”
Courtney, Santa Monica 

“Mary Beth’s yoga classes are a beautiful balance of challenging and calming. She has a way of bringing out the best in everyone. I love that her teaching style is informative without being rigid. and I always leave her class feeling happy and healthy!”
Lindsay Jean Thomson, San Fran

“Mary Beth’s classes have transformed my love of vinyasa yoga and my commitment to the practice. Her guidance and challenging, playful classes remind you are stronger than you think you are.”
Tess DiNapoli, Marina del Rey

“I fell in love with yoga after taking classes with Mary Beth. She’s an amazing teacher and will work with you and help you grow in your practice. Whatever level you are at, her classes will challenge you and when you leave you will be absolutely relaxed and happy. She has taught me poses that I never imagined myself accomplishing! Mary Beth is a great teacher whether you are a beginner or want to strengthen your practice. Oh, and she has a terrific music selection.”
Hanna Shin, LA   

“Mary Beth is an amazing yoga teacher who brings thought-provoking philosophies and challenging asana into her space.  Her energy is contagious and her eagerness to learn from all of her students is evident.  You’ll leave her class feeling energized, for sure.”
Alyssa Cress, Philly