2014: The Year I Start Writing in Uppercase.

Posted on January 5th, by mb in blissed living. 1 Comment

I’ve decided 2014 is the year I start writing like J-School taught me. No more of this lil’ kid lowercase schtuff. Time to write like a lady.

My resolutions aren’t very normal this year but for me, they are inspiring because I really mean business. So besides this uppercase nonsense others include:

– Absolutely no gluten. Like zippo, zero nada. I was recently inspired by little brother who hasn’t touched it in a year and it has done wonders for his stomach and well-being. So no matter how good that double chocolate stout looks, I’m gonna say no.

– I’m off Facebook. I still have my yoga page up but as for personal use, I’m outta there. There’s nothing like Facebook for wasting tons of time and energy. I already can’t believe how much time I have saved and how very little I miss it. I will however be Instagramming and tweeting so meet me over there.

Besides that I’ve got some radical goals in the works and plan to do a lot more writing. I’m spreading myself a lot less thin this year and focusing on the activities (writing! biking! yoga!), the people (husband! Rosy! best friends!) and thoughts (joy!) that feed my soul and inspire me.

2014: Much Less Bullshit because I Don’t Have Time For It.

This might be my favorite year of resolutions yet.

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  1. Carissa says:

    omg too funny! i ditched fb on my phone & am so so so happy. five days in and i feel more free already – how sad is that? and decided that ALL emails will be written with the appropriate caps in place (but not anywhere else, b/c i’m not motivated yet for that :)). xo

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