the joy of creating.

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lately it feels like there’s not enough notebooks to hold my ideas.
enough time to tuck away in a coffee shop with my laptop, headphones and an americano.
to road trip.
to wander.
to plan.

but the beautiful thing is that there’s plenty.

i find i’m most inspired when i am actively creating my day, my week and, in turn, my life.

waking up early + taking rosy on a walk to the coffee shop + clients i love + time to write = a beautiful day.

a few hikes + a coffee shop date with a best friend + sweaty yoga classes + acupuncture + time to read at the beach + teaching classes = a fulfilling week.

and these equations of “what works,” or more aptly, what inspires me, shift as i do. ebb and flow all the time to accommodate my constant changing.

if you notice your equations aren’t adding up to equal bliss, ya gotta ask yourself – why aren’t you doing what you love?

fill up your day with people who uplift you, not drag you down.
eat foods that fuel you, not make you wanna nap all day long.
do pilates because it makes you feel radiant and strong, not because you think you have to. (if you feel that way, find something else! there’s so much to choose from.)

create, create, create.
create your day. create your life.

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    Love this! Great post

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