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a couple of inspiring friends, rachelle and caley, and i have combined forces resulting in : handstands, hamsas and BLISS!

our intention is to inspire personal strength through practice, to emphasize the importance of finding bliss in all things, and to give you the tools to learn how to spread your message and the message of others who are making this world a healthier, brighter, more soulful place. we will be doing this thru challenges (like instagram below!), workshops, outreach, etc.

so we are excited to announce our first instagram challenge…

we want to know what inspires you, and lights you up from the inside out. here’s your challenge: post a pic everyday of something that feeds your soul. anything from handstands, hiking, family, friends, food, pets, to green grass, blue sky, stretchy pants, a good beer, etc.

be creative, be honest, and connect with others. tag @caleyalyssa @marybethlarue @the_neshma_project with your #dailysoul hashtag, every day for the month of june.

let’s inspire each other through our images to remember to feed our souls as well as our bodies and minds! ready, set…GO! well, in a couple days anyway. ;)

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  1. alex smith says:

    mb! thank you so. so. much for launching this. i’ve already found two days in that it really helps me look for the soul anywhere and everywhere in my day. love!

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