morning practice & so much other goodness.

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there are a few things that have been on my goals for a bit (pre-wedding that is…) that are only now seeing the light of day. better now than never!

as i read on jen pastiloff’s blog the other day: follow your excitement.

“when we are inspired, we are inspiring.”


here is what is exciting me right now:

- having a daily personal yoga practice, even if i make it to a class. i don’t care if i’m literally laying in supta baddha konasana simply breathing, or practicing my handstand. just getting on my mat, on my own time, every day.

 – registering for my life coaching certification. i start in one week!

- starting a teacher training i’m co-leading with yonnus and courtney of studio surya starting this weekend.  

-  leading a yoga retreat to sayulita with one of my ultra-inspiring friends, goal coach jacki carr. (details coming soon!)

- collaborating with two lovely ladies, rachelle and caley, on some cool projects coming up (i know.. so many secrets in this post. whoops!) 

- trying stand-up paddleboarding. my girlfriends and i went two weekends ago and loved it. besides pissing off a bunch of sea lions (ashley thought she’d try to pet them despite our warnings. ha!!) and me tumbling into the water twice, we had so much fun. i’m not sure if my core hurt more from trying to stand up or laughing hysterically.

- starting up my yoga classes for people with down syndrome and their family and friends in july. cannot wait. i miss my friends at DSALA!

- beginning to teach at an amazing lil’ eco-friendly studio in manhattan beach called the green yogi. right off the beach (i stuck my toes in the ocean before class last thursday) with lots of talented teachers i’m excited to learn from!

- leaving a gig that i have learned a lot from but knew it was time to leave. no more commuting past the beach! hello bicycle and quality of life!!

where is your excitement taking you right now? where are you wanting to go?

6 Responses to “morning practice & so much other goodness.”

  1. Allyson says:

    yes to excitement! and a hell yes to a jacki/mb retreat! sign me UP!! xo

  2. Gaby says:

    Sayulita? Yo quiero! I’m ON! I’ve been looking for some yoga retreat for a while. I’m from México, so it would be fantástico! Saludos!

  3. Tess says:

    re: you+caley+rachelle. too awesome. excited to even think what this might be.
    and interested in sayulita. <3 staying tuned.

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