in the flow.

Posted on May 20th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

last week was impossibly rad. i approached the week with an empowered attitude and managed to wake up before 7:30, make a smoothie packed with crazy energy and go to yoga every single day. (yes, even sunday.) i left a gig that’d been dragging me down. i had a meeting that had me beaming and strutting down the street. i took my bulldog for a long walk and sat in the park just enjoying this time with her. i went paddleboarding for the first time. i enjoyed vino with friends i hadn’t connected with for awhile.

and it was funny – halfway thru the week, i was on the phone with my life coach and i asked why it was so important to keep promises to ourselves. i mean, i sorta knew the answer, but her response was perfect:

so we feel proud. we trust ourselves.

when our daily lives match up with the dreamy way we’d describe ourselves on a stellar day, we feel energized. we are walking the walk, and that is really flipping important.

do i fall off the wagon? oh yes, of course. if you read this regularly, you already know that. but about a year ago, i decided to be really open and transparent about it. when i show my underbelly, you show me yours. i feel connected, you feel connected. we are real and that’s just really juicy. something is good for you, until it isn’t, and when that happens you have the responsibility to take care of yourself and make a shift.

to find your flow.

hard shit happens. no doubt about that. whatever we can “control” is a great a great reminder that we are the creators, artists even, of our days and, in turn, our lives. every single moment matters. choose the bike ride over sitting on the couch watching reruns. choose the smoothie over the coffee that makes your stomach hurts. choose what works for you, what inspires you.

do you.

“the first task, though not the most important task, is to quiet the busyness in your mind. the second task is to find your song. and the third task is to sing it.”


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  1. uh-huh. … this life is good. it’s up to us to make it sweet. and great. and all we want it to be.

    p.s. i think wine + paddleboarding could make for an interesting sunday… haha!! you have to try SUP Yoga this summer now that you have the paddleboarding down.

    • mb says:

      haha, the paddleboarding and wine weren’t connected. would make for an interesting time! would love to try SUP yoga. we all did headstand on our boards!

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