play. rest. rest. play some more.

Posted on May 8th, by mb in blissed living. 3 comments

i was on a call with martha beck last night and she said this:

“it’s as simple as this: play until you feel like resting. rest until you feel like playing.”

monday, when i wrote my last post, i was in a bad place. life and death bad? of course not, but it was just one of those days where i couldn’t quite get out of my head and just felt like a big ol’ BLAH! (exclamation mark included.) after i spilled the words and got my truth out, i felt immensely better. the ironic part? after writing about not wanting to go to yoga, i really wanted to. i went, i sweated, laughed with a girlfriend and felt a whole helluva lot better. i walked home slowly, taking some back streets and just took it in. i had been stuck on repeat for the past few days, and needed to shake it up.

that’s why i absolutely loved what martha said last night. play. rest. rest. play some more. move at your own rhythm. a rhythm that varies every single day.

just ask yourself in this moment:

is it time to rest? or time to play?

then get out of your own way!


“there is no secret to balance. you just have to feel the waves.”

— frank herbert


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  1. adam says:

    ah you so wise MB! love this post!

  2. a says:

    This article is a great help to me! Thank you!

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