burn out.

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in my mind my return from my honeymoon went something like this:
arrive back from thailand tan, peaceful and super duper disciplined. hit the ground running. eat kale for, like, every single meal. go to yoga every day; maybe twice. perhaps even take up running.. on the beach.. in shorty shorts. get rid of cable and read. be done with wedding thank yous just by looking at them. drink less wine. volunteer.


in reality, it’s gone a bit more like this:
arrive home jet lagged as a mofo. eat pizza in airport after swearing i was done with gluten forever after my last pad thai. catch up on all the “game of thrones” episodes. finish shantaram (success!). eat every single thing i was craving before my wedding but would not let myself eat due to wedding photos. be really, really enamored with my husband and my bulldog (yay! a good thing!).

even today while eating a bagel with lox (another thing i was dying for) i googled:
burn out.

oprah gave me some advice. so did about.com’s fitness guru. a random blogger or two. then i called my mom, and said, “what the hell is wrong with me?!!”

“of course you are tired,” she said. “your dad and i have been tired for a month and it wasn’t even our wedding.”

how could i be tired? i’ve been on vacay for three weeks. but you know what? i am. i believe i’ve got a case of wedding hangover.

so instead of beating myself up because i’m not doing all the kale-eating and downward dogging i thought i should be right now, i’m going to give myself a little leeway. in the past year i’ve gotten engaged, moved into a new house, outfitted said house, planned a wedding, made a bunch of career shifts&leaps and then got hitched. and life will keep coming in easy waves and tidal waves, and i’ll come back around. i always do.

the beauty of the ebb and flow.

pass me a bagel please.

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  1. Amber says:

    Enjoy every bit of the wedding hangover. You’re right- you’ll come back around. Congrats- in the photos I’ve seen, you were luminous. :)

  2. Allyson says:

    nothing tastes as sweet as a burn out bagel

  3. Miki says:

    Amen to bagels & lox. You did very well my dear daughter in law. enjoy the burnout, reality is right around the corner, it can wait another plate of pasta or 2

  4. Just make sure it’s whole grain ;) less guilt that way heehee.

    Your wedding and trip looked like amazing, unforgettable experiences. Congratulations beautiful lady – I can’t wait to read along during the next chapter of your life!

  5. Welcome home from paradise land!

    Love Thailand!
    Love lazy life!

    Sounds quite normal!

    And – I also think that we are getting stressed out in the yoga community about being so ” healthy” and happy all the time.

    I´m fed up with kale and spirulina.
    I`m fed up with photos of celebrate and non- celebrate ” yogis” posting handstand pictures everywhere,
    What happend?

    Enjoy your bagels. AND your kale.

    Be you.

    I´m celebrating springtime with coffee, chocolate, rest and greenjuice in-between,
    and of course every shift in nature.

    Thanks for sharing your blog!

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