coming home.

Posted on April 29th, by mb in gratitude. 14 comments

almost all of april was devoted to our wedding then traveling for our honeymoon. to put it mildly, i feel like i’ve been living in a very, very good dream, one that i didn’t much want to wake from. but our re-entry back to our lives in venice has been lovely. coming home to our pup, who didn’t punish us too much for being away so long; to our amazing friends, who we shared many bottles of red wine with; and to our home, which we really came to miss as we traveled and lived out of suitcases for a few weeks.

every hour and dollar spent planning and paying for the wedding was beyond worth it. every worry i had seemed really silly in retrospect because it all unfolded exactly as it should. and the immense love we were surrounded with that day was nothing short of transformative.

so with a couple of backpacks and some major fatigue, we boarded our flight to thailand with some trashy magazines and junk food (yay!) and continued living in our little bubble as we traveled all over the south. all we had were our flights there and back, and not a single plan. we had so many adventures, like riding an elephant in the jungle, celebrating thai new year with water guns and singhas, and living in a jungle treehouse, all of which matt referred to as some “bucket list type shit.”

we are home, carrying worlds of gratitude and love (i seriously still have butterflies from it all), and every day working to co-create a beautiful, conscious life.


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  1. David Hutchinson says:

    Congratulations!!! Keep fighting the world back with your happiness and bliss. May your light blind out the despair of the world and may it encourage others to seek true peace and love. Just remember that true peace in the sense of the world is boring. if peace is boring (another lovely day without drama) I’ll take peace and boring. May your life keep passing by day by day and not STOP!

  2. Carissa says:

    teary! so happy for you both!

  3. Glo says:

    *sigh* so so so SO beautiful. Congrats again! You two were so made for each other and it’s clear even to casual observers like m’self :)


  4. Donna martin says:

    Welcome home…..and a lot of those memories you have posted are also still in the memory books of many friends and family…what a wonderful celebration…

  5. Lydia says:

    Welcome home! Glad my motherland treated you well :)

  6. Kate says:

    Such a heartfelt post. Congrats to you and Matt and all your happiness. It’s a joy to see and feel!

  7. Loooooooove! I cannot wait to hear more of the adventures (and miss you! it’s been a long April with no MB!). xo!

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