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i have no words. what happened this weekend has transformed us both and we are bursting at the seams. so much more to come from me, but just thought i’d update with a couple of photographs. heading to thailand in a love bubble and i’ll see you on the flip side. xo

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  1. Kate says:

    LOVE these pictures! So gorgeous! Congratulations again and have a fabulous trip!! xx

  2. David Hutchinson says:

    I wish you all of the best together and separately to the advantage of your union. Please spend a life of learning to understand and get to know each other as people and as friends. Enjoy each others company and share interests. Those aspects are more important than the time you spend in bed. And when the time comes be an example to your children and nieces and nephews as people who care and are fair. Keep your door open to the little ones especially when they become teenagers. Becoming an adult is a big responsibility remember this in all aspects of your life. You’ll never know when you’ll have to be responsible. Live, Love and for GOD’s sake Laugh.
    Also remember to join a church before or when you have kids. They and you need to understand there is a power higher than yourselves and that there is truth in the power of GOD. When trouble strikes always have GOD to go to for answers and comfort.
    Much Love to You!!!!
    David Hutchinson/

  3. love-love-love (all you need!). Enjoy the new title, Mrs. :)

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