bliss list: what i’m loving.

Posted on March 8th, by mb in bliss lists. 6 comments

social experiment cocktail rings. vancouver-based entrepreneur, georgia heraty, sent me this gorgeous ring last week and i adore it! not only are all her rings unique and beautiful, but they are super affordable too.

rain! we had one of the only thunderstorms i have ever experience in los angeles last night. thunder, lightning, the whole shebang.

be love. you will almost always find me practicing in a pair of lululemon wunder unders and a cotton tank. be love has super comfy cotton tanks with inspiring messages or artwork on them. (use my code BELOVE&MARYBETH to get 15 percent off your order.) my fave part? read about their service initiatives.

honeymooning in thailand. now that the wedding is almost 100 percent complete, we are on to planning our upcoming honeymoon. we will be there for about three weeks. if you’ve got any rec’s for us, please leave in comments! much appreciated.

lapsang souchong. having been sick alllllll week long, i’ve probably consumed one hundred cups of tea. no joke. while that was mostly chamomile and echinacea  my fave black tea as of late is lapsang souchong. so delicious with a little almond milk and honey.

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  1. Frances@Lila says:

    i adore lapsang souchang too. so comforting when it’s cold out. congrats on your upcoming marriage. i’ve spent some time in thailand and have a couple of recommendations. personally, i adored chaing mai up north – there are a couple of fantastic high-end hotels, you can ride elephants, get great thai massages, go trekking and go to cooking schools – very fun. if you want to do the beach thing – avoid phuket. go further south for a more laid-back experience. if you want to go super luxe, one of the most lovely and relaxing places i’ve ever been to is on koh samui – it is called ‘kamalaya’ – it’s a super dreamy spa. if you want a very yoga-centric spa experience, check out paul dallaghan’s “samhita yoga center” on koh samui – ashtanga, spa treatments, ayurveda, pure veg food and beautiful grounds and lodging.
    anyways, hope that helps a little bit.
    love your blog!

  2. I love Thailand.
    And now it`s almost 4 years since my last visit.
    ( okey I had 6 hours in Bangkok airport in Sept )
    My absolute favourite place are Ko Ngai ( Ko Hai)
    It is quiet, beautiful and just a gem.
    But – Nothing more to do than walk the beach. Watch the sunrise ( sunset on the other side of the tiny island) swim. Eat delicious food. Sleep.Read. Practice.
    No yoga school there. But a few places have visiting teachers leading retreats there.

    No shops, no bars. you eat at the resturants on the cottages. I love Coconut Cottages.

    It is so many places to visit in Thailand. This is my gem. Where my heart is.
    You can find so many nice spots. And nice beaches. I really like many islands but this is just a treasure for me.

    And I love Bangkok. That city is good.
    Metropolitan hotel. Yay!

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