life raft.

Posted on February 6th, by mb in gratitude. 16 comments

matt travels a lot for work. sometimes when he takes off it’s like a little retreat all of my own – lots of yoga, dinner with girlfriends, vino and movies, face masks galore. it’s awesome. unfortunately this is not one of those weeks.

instead i am having one of those weeks where my health isn’t amazing (more on this later, still waiting on a diagnosis), i am feeling needy as hell and a little stressed. yep, i too have weeks like this. big time.

yesterday after teaching, i headed to a doctor’s appointment in beverly hills. i got a little lost which is not surprising or even frustrating because i’m so used to it. then couldn’t get the bathroom open without a key since the valet had it (did you know that some doors open with any key? i was baffled.) lastly, the doctor, though really charming, pretty much discounted everything that was going on in my body then pricked me with more needles (and not in that oohifeelsomuchbetter acupuncture¬†way.) i burst into tears in the car. nothing bad had actually happened. it was just gloomy, it cost me $12 to park my damn car and matt wasn’t around.

when i finally got home, i unrolled my yoga mat in front of the fireplace and just sat down. i practiced for awhile, then laid on my yoga mat and read my book. eventually some thai food arrived and i sat there and ate on my yoga mat. then i turned on “the following” and watched that still on my yoga mat. rosy joined me.

my little life raft right there in the middle of the living room.

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  1. Self-care is the best care :) xx to you and life rafts of all sizes, shapes & forms.

  2. Patrice says:

    I always love your blog posts – but I am loving them even more lately as you’ve gotten more authentic and talked about the not-so-great stuff. Thank you for your honesty, and thanks for such a great read. Great quote at the top – made me laugh:)

  3. Danielle says:

    i feel you. i’ve been going through a similar thing health-wise and it is so frustrating to sense something is off and to feel like your concerns aren’t valid. hang on to that raft – it sound like a sturdy one :)

  4. Hi MB,
    Thank you for your honesty! I too appreciate these posts…as it makes me not feel like I am the only one barely hanging on. Life can be challenging and super tough at times, especially when your health is not at top notch. Lately, I have been dealing with constant fatigue and a lagging cold. I have blamed it on being an elementary school teacher and stress. But, I also feel it has to do with my over committed schedule. Sometimes, I just want to take a week (completely off) to replenish my energy. Take time for yourself. Rest and relaxation (if possible) always seem to help. Starting in March, I canceled one of my weekend classes and will finally have one full day off! Haven’t had that in years. Listening to your body is so important. I hope you feel better soon!
    Take good care,
    Nicole =)

  5. Tess says:

    “pretty good, some problems” love that and love your recent soul-bearing posts of honesty and a li’l grit. <3 thank you for class tonight, and thank you for this post. always inspiring. i've had many nights sitting in front of the fire with my cat and a TV show to keep me company. hugs'n'luv. t.

  6. Christine Collins says:

    Oh this post just made me so happy…
    I ended up lounging on my yoga mat eating chips and salsa and watching Revenge instead of practicing tonight! “Ok, just one chip”…and like that the bag is gone!

    Sometimes its incredibly annoying to deal with the frustrations of daily life without your partner in crime (Will is also in Maine…hello blizzard forecast!!) BUT sometimes it’s also good to have the raft to yourself :)

  7. Christa says:

    And sometimes one of you is in the boat and the other in the life raft. Sigh.

    The health merry go round can feel really tricky, too. Just hang on and know what only you can know. You’ll get there. Promise.

    Glad you have your mat. And Rosy.

  8. Nicole Dennis says:

    Big love and get well wishes to you from across the deep blue ocean. You inspired me to jump on my life raft today when things weren’t going so well – my Matt has been away for 5 weeks now and I am only just coping. It sux big time when your boy is away! Hang in there!
    See you in July – we are coming back to sunny LA to celebrate my 30th and I can’t wait for sweaty vinyasa with you then xx

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