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i’m sitting on the couch with sweatpants on, smart wools pulled up to my knees and a scarf. (yes, matt is a very lucky man.)
he just made me a delicious pour-over cup of coffee (i got it from santa.)
and i’m taking a moment to sit, to write, to catch up blogs and websites.
to just enjoy the morning. it’s what i need. completely.

i have felt beyond tender this holiday.

it’s absolutely nobody’s fault. it was a beautiful holiday with a letter from santa, stockings, lots of wine and laughing, but it’s felt a little overwhelming.

could it be?
{the full on head cold hit me with my period close behind. (amazing timing, santa.)}
{that i came in with a silver tray full of expectations balanced on a pinky finger.}
{that i adore my family so much, and it’s hard knowing that we are all across the country.}
{that i am creating my own family, and in that there’s a lot of excitement, fear and a little loss.}
{that i need to be alone a good amount of time in order to fill back up. (introvert, baby!)}

it’s a beautiful terrain to be navigating and i just keep tripping, learning, then looking up. there’s so much to be grateful for, even when things gets a little mucky.

7 Responses to “holidaze.”

  1. Lindsey says:

    It IS beautiful terrain – thank you for so regularly and so reliably reminding me of that. xox

  2. lindsayjean says:

    thanks for sharing, mb. love you and your big, brave, kind, open heart.

  3. Acarr says:

    Just read this because I was peaking around to see if you were doing Costa Rica this year. Beautiful blog post. I can relate to all. Seeing parents, brothers in small doses. Having high expectations. The expectations become overwhelming with children if you are a people pleaser. Get well, restore…cycle through. Bring it 2013!

  4. Tender beyond words. Couldn`t said it better myself.
    Lovely post.
    xmas are a bunch of triggerpoints.
    And a big hug from Oslo

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