from lisbon with love.

Posted on December 9th, by mb in blissed living. 4 comments

once twenty.
now almost thirty.
eyes still wide.
always lost.
forever stopping for vino tinto in candlelit hideaways.
travel is falling in love with (your)Self.
intuition or my nose,
turns me right or left, or straight on toward the ocean breeze.
oh, an alley?
how about tapas&wine&jazzy hip hop?
an a homemade chocolate mousse drenched in olive oil and sea salt.
(yes please.)
then a wide view. bright colors. tripping on cobblestones and  always looking up.
i am older now.
still a backpack and crazy knotted hair.
i can hear my dad’s stories – a conch shell & typed letters & (so many) rugby jerseys.
i collect my own stories now.
but still hold tightly to his.

“i am from california.”
am I?
a map that is crumpled and does me absolutely no good in this enchanted city of winding-ness.
rue ____.
that’s me.
i am (bigger)(smaller)(nothing)(everything).

i wanna see it all.

4 Responses to “from lisbon with love.”

  1. Reed says:

    wander on beautiful, child-like woman
    sample it all
    life is what you dream it to be..
    bliss is where loved ones are;
    too soon they
    will grow their own wings and flitter away
    in search of their own stories.
    I will wait, hoping they share them with me.

  2. Ashley says:

    so much truth, so beautiful. glad you are exploring!! child-like forever-ness.

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