last day!

Posted on November 16th, by mb in blissed living. 2 comments

i’m seriously sick of juice.

but i’m always really proud of matt and i. we have totally stuck out the past three days, and while i’ve done a bit of whining about headaches and wooziness, he hasn’t said a word. we’ve supplemented with acupuncture, massages, naps, movies by the fire, movies in the theatre, and lots of detox and ginger tea.

do i feel super amazing? eh, not really. and starting tomorrow, we will still be eating really healthy until thanksgiving. lots of big salads and warm soups and hot teas.

what i do feel is back in control. in control of my relationship with food, and rather than it being a total necessity (we haven’t really been hungry for the three days. the juices really do the trick.), it’s an amazing gift that gives you strength and vitality, and tastes soooooo good. (in fact, when matt was planning a thanksgiving menu this morning i practically had to wipe the drool off my chin.)

i feel lighter. my sinuses are so clear, i am smelling things i haven’t in months. my skin and eyes are bright. my mind is really clear for moments and then foggy as hell. all in all, these past few days have been a lot of fun, and i definitely couldn’t have done it so easily without the support of matt. he is a rock. my rock.

oh, and i am going to eat the SHIT outta some kale tomorrow. cannot even wait.

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  1. Matt Wolcott says:

    Way to go!

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