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when my fiance got home from his business trip a few days ago, i hardly expected him to suggest us doing a juice cleanse. matt is a 6’4″ meat-loving, crossfitting east coast boy that usually comes home from his trips with 135 ways to cook bacon; not so much the juice cleansing sort. but being super into nutrition and cooking, a conversation with his friends dallas has got him on a big ol’ veggie kick and i’m super stoked about it.

we started our cleanse today with a couple of close friends. it’s only 5:29 pm which means we are near approaching not having eaten in 24 hours. so far i am exhausted, bloated and avoiding tantalizing food commericals like they are the plague.

it’s only THREE days. so little time but i have a feeling these three days might drag on a bit. i’ll be nurturing myself with lots of yoga, bubble baths, acupuncture, hot detox teas, movies and books.

my intention: to feel lighter, way more focused, bright skin and eyes, a super healthy digestive system.

oh, and to just survive this.

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  1. Carissa says:

    i did a 3 day juice cleanse back in the summer and i NEVER felt better than i did on the final day. you can do it! xx

    • mb says:

      i feel pretty good today. lots of energy but a very stuffy, runny nose! we are definitely sticking with it! thanks for the encouragement. xo

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