a small dose of gratitude.

Posted on September 26th, by mb in gratitude. 2 comments

i love getting up early to teach my 7 am wednesday class.

i love that it’s beginning of feel like california fall.

i love the coffee i am drinking at literati cafe.

i love that i scheduled my first workshop.

i love that i played in the ocean on sunday.

i love that insurance may very well cover my emergency room visit.

that is all. for now.

2 Responses to “a small dose of gratitude.”

  1. Gratitude lists always make me smile! I started this morning and this week by listing out what I was grateful for instead of diving into emails. What a blissful way to set the tone for the week ahead!

    P.S. I think summer and fall are doing a crazy tango in this town – one day it feels like fall and the next day summer is back in full force!

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