bliss list: what i’m loving.

Posted on September 21st, by mb in bliss lists. 2 comments

1. hot baked nutella and cream cheese sandwich. (haven’t made this yet, but will definitely be saving this completely non-paleo, unhealthy and decadent as can be, treat for a rainy day.)

2. tomato-rich beauty loves.

3. “skinny love,” by birdy.

4. star-inspired decor.

5. french press coffee. love the process; love the outcome.

6. my girlfriend, lindsay’s, playlist.

7. road trips. (two coming up – next week san fran, and in three weeks, palm springs with my mama.)

8.  our new couch, by gus*.


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  1. Honored to be a part of your list! Thank you, Mary Beth! (p.s. I hope you stopped by to see the 12 yoga poses my friend and I put together to celebrate the Autumn Equinox!)

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