a week of surprises.

Posted on September 19th, by mb in blissed living, gratitude. 2 comments

besides the fact that i am once again feeling way yucky in the asthma and allergy department (8 hours of sleep total in the past three days!) i am having a week full of wonderful surprises and love. it feels more like my birthday week than the week before.

1. seeing my gorgeous wedding dress designed by my friend natalie and asking their little boy, jasper to be our ring boy. (isn’t he cute??)

2. coming home that evening to a crate of fresh cold-pressed juices from juice maids (an amazing belated birthday gift from my friend allyson.)

3. a gyro from my favorite place. hey, i love the place and i surprised myself. (ha!)

4. matt buying us an ipad with almost ALL coupons! (#thriftyhunk)

5. our couch being delivered “early!” though we’ve waited three months to get it, it was worth it.

6. a gift certificate to ananda, one of my favorite boutiques on abbott kinney and the name of my blog, from yonnus, a friend and the owner of studio surya yoga.


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  1. Miki says:

    Looooove the couch! Where’s the blankie, it would look really nice on the back of the couch, dontcha think?

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