a very gratitude-filled post: our home.

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i am lying on my belly on our deck, typing, drinking a cup of decaf, nag champa wafting through the air. i write this post after an hour-long nap, an adventurous walk through our new neighborhood with the pup, and a couple of yoga classes filled with so many great people (especially my yoga class for teens with down syndrome.)

last night i got news that one of my very best friends, ashley, is going to be renting the studio in the very back of our yard starting august 2.

seriously? could this place get any more perfect?

i have fallen madly in love with our new house. it’s not even close to finished but together we are starting to put together the pieces. we’ve bought our couch, a credenza, a bamboo bed frame (with drawers!!) and a glossy white dresser from  matt’s friend’s spot, viesso, in santa monica. it’s all being custom made. sweeeet.

we’ve started to pick our paint colors.

our friends have gathered around our brand new picnic table while matt broke in the grill.

rosy has two bulldog friends, winston and stella, who are each just a couple of houses away.

i’ve rolled out my yoga mat on the patio in the morning and enjoyed waking up slowly with the sounds of birds, wind and the smell of the ZILLION flowers in our backyard.

i’ve been especially touched by matt’s attention to every single detail of our house. while at times, he makes me want to scream (i seriously do not want to talk about what color rug we should have in our bedroom at 11:30 at night.) i love how committed he is to building a home. just the other day he said, “you’ve got to understand, babe. i’ve been waiting my whole life to have a home.”


so here we are on indiana avenue – planting, painting, scrubbing, enjoying – our magical little venice cottage. lots of photos and stories to come. a perfect setting for many adventures.

“there is nothing half so pleasant as coming home again.”
– mary elizabeth sangster

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  1. Maddy says:

    Love. So happy for you and what you’ve created! Sending love!

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