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hip hop lovin’ spinning/yoga/pure barre instructor; already a wifey and soon-to-be mama; absolutely gorgeous and hilarious.

what’s the best part of your day?
i have TWO best parts. the first “best part” of my day is waking at 5:20am and looking over at my giant husband, sleeping contently. in that moment, i can see the whole day, the opportunities, the possibilities for greatness and the overall ease on his face comforts me and inspires me all at once. the second “best part” is practicing. i don’t get to practice every day right now, so WHEN i get on my mat, i’m freaking thrilled.

what inspires you?
my dad. he is 67 and went to medical school at the age of thirty, after barely surviving vietnam with massive injuries. he opened his first practice at 40 and then a second one last year. what kind of 66 year old man does that? i am in awe of his determination and his total dedication to helping people. i am inspired by him to give more and expect less. i’m also inspired by my mother and mothers everywhere. how do you ladies do it? i’m quite nervous about this transition as i’m newly pregnant. so many women i know give selflessly to their families. such a beautiful sacrifice.

your favorite trip.
ooooh i went to sorrento, italy last june with my husband, fiance at that time, for our dear friend’s wedding. we stayed in a huge home with all our friends and had the time of our lives. it was just so nice to travel with our friends and experience all new things with our buddies. i remember i brought my mat and would practice ashtanga in the morning air and one morning my husband joined me. it was hilarious and so special as he is NOT a yogi.

what’s your ideal sunday?
sunday is my one day off and i cherish it. i love the lethargic energy in the air. people are less burdened, generally speaking, and its always palpable on sundays.

mmmm. my perfect sunday would include sleeping past 5:20am, waking to have coffee and breakfast, practicing yoga, a beach bicycle ride with a dip in the ocean (only if its warm enough – i’m from the south, if it doesn’t feel like bath water -i’m not going in!), perhaps a motorcycle ride to malibu for a yummy late lunch and then mass at 5:30pm at st. monica’s in santa monica. we were married there and i’m absolutely blown away by the music and homilies there. it’s so unlike any catholic church anywhere. another reason southern california is a magical place…

your favorite words of wisdom.

“we each carry within us a divine element. torn from the womb of existence and ushered, crying, into this world, we spend all our energies in the pursuit of happiness. this restless, incessant drive, is no more than that divine element within us seeking its origin.”
– st. simeon the new theologian 949-1022 AD

“i began to understand that the promises of the world are for the most part vain phantoms, and that to have faith in oneself and become something of worth and value is the best and safest course.”
– michaelangelo

when do you feel most “you?”
when i’m with my nutty family or if i’m free to express myself through music. on a mat, dancing in the grocery store, on stage, wherever there is music!

what fulfills you?
helping others and knowing that i’m assisting people in making healthy choices, reminding folks that they are inherently good and perfect as they are. i love being reminded of this and i know it’s nice to share the sentiment. my marriage. my family. my amazing, eclectic group of friends.

your favorite outfit.
oh snap. when i’m not in lycra or luon or 2xu compression tights or splits59 pullovers… i love some skinny jeans, some kind of flat vintage boot, a flow-y top, with some layers…a sweater or scarf. listen, when i get to shower and dry my hair.. that’s a huge achievement!

what’s on your ipod?
i have all kinds of dirty new and old hip hop, 90% of KCRW’s playlists, stevie nicks, led zepplin, mashups, a few meditation and manifestation cd’s for airplane rides or down time and of course justin bieber (i don’t even know how this happened…)

five things you love.
1. cinnamon bears
2. sweating/moving/dancing/yoga
3. watching either videos of people falling down or actual incidents. i’m being terribly honest here. i think this makes me a nasty person, but i am an open book and will share all sides! i can’t help it. it’s like magic medicine.
4. dinosaurs
5. elephants, because they are the closest thing to dinosaurs….

how you feel in one word today.

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  1. The Chalkboard LOVES Nicole Sciacca! What an amazing, inspiring woman…can’t wait to see where life takes this force of nature!

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