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i have been rocking out to the 90’s hit by new radicals, ‘you get what you give’.

this verse keeps re-playing in my head, it goes:

you’ve got the music in you,

don’t let go,

you’ve got the music in you

so last night, i attended a seminar with some friends and the leader was speaking about michelangelo
and his masterpiece, david. he went way back and shared what it must have been like as michelangelo,
to see that big block of marble and know that david was in there.


and, he began.

the epic statue took him two years to complete. and, it is epic. i guarantee he had the music in him.
he didn’t let go.

what happens when we feel a bit stagnant? when we feel like a big block of marble? not sure of our
purpose or unclear of even where to start to chisel?

transitions can feel this way. life can feel this way. we shift. we start over. we get stuck.

and when we do, i shall sing to you, and you, and you:

you’ve got the music in you,

don’t let go,

you’ve got the music in you

and, you will find yourself, in the marble.

just begin.

about jacki:

jacki carr is a yogi, runner, goal coach, writer, ‘possibilitarian’, adventure-seeker and life lover. seen
vespa scootering through the streets of venice, she lives a full life by the pacific ocean. when
not playing on the lululemon athletica playground that is her #joblove, jacki is sharing adventures
on her blog about gnarly life lessons on and off the yoga mat, an awakened reality in the beauty of
vulnerability, and the real deal about gratitude. an ultimate goal is to inspire all beings to live a ‘rock-
your-wildest-dreams-light-it-up’ life. we really only have one, so why not make it an all out adventure?

follow her on twitter+instagram here: @jackicarr.

check out her blog:


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