moving: the sequel.

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i can’t believe i’ll be saying goodbye to our little home in a few days. my mama arrives today, matt left on a business trip yesterday, things are upside down and turned all around. looking back on our year here, i have to say it’s been more than transformative.

we adopted a little bulldog named rosy.
we made winter soups.
we went thirty days with no gluten, dairy, sugar or alcohol.
we spent an entire rainy day drinking ciders and watching movies.
we got engaged.
we fought and, more importantly, i learned how to fight.
we hosted friends. lots.

home is so important to me. the people in it, the way the light hits the window, the air. i was literally having little panic attacks as we were looking knowing how much my surroundings and my living space affect every single thing.

and then we walked into the house. and there a whole lotta light. a super wonderful landlord that looks like sofia loren. fresh air wafting through. hardwood floors. star jasmine. it just felt right. really like right.

we’re off again. a new home. probably some paint on the walls. a lot of wine spilled on the floor. a little baby eventually.

it’s time to build a home, and i’m so damn ready.

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  1. Krystin says:

    MB you are so real and true :) Congrats on all the goodies life has given you !

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