bliss list: what i’m loving.

Posted on May 11th, by mb in bliss lists. 2 comments

sunday brunch. a legit, decadent, lets-get-super-wired-on-coffee kinda brunch.

crazy, sexy diet: an amazing book by kris carr on eating well, feeling vibrant, and celebrating life.

these guys. perfect for yoga and driving in l.a. traffic.

bleubird blog. i can’t get enough of her. her clothes, her house, her kids, what they eat. (do i sound like a stalker? a little bit.)

how to love happily ever after.


2 Responses to “bliss list: what i’m loving.”

  1. Sara Hawkins says:

    Just borrowed Crazy Sexy Diet from the library thanks to your post. Looking forward to reading it :)

  2. mb says:

    so glad. it’s a great book. her blog is awesome too. (

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