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today is day one of my juice cleanse.

well, maybe i shouldn’t call it a juice cleanse because if  i want to eat a bowl of kale, i’m going to eat a bowl of kale. what i’m aiming for is to eat all raw veggies and some fruits, mostly in juice form, for 4 or 5 days. (i got some juicin’ ideas from my yoga teacher/health coach bud caley.)

it’s been awhile since someone asked me how i was and i’ve had to hold back from saying, “magnificent! amazing! holy shit!”

yes, i feel pretty good for the most part. i have a healthy diet, i’m active, and i’m very fortunate to be experiencing a lot of love in my life right now.

BUT.. (there’s always a ‘but’ right?)

i want to feel amazing. nothing short of it.

light, springy, active, healthy, radiant.

you get the picture, i’m sure.

in the past year and a half, pretty much since the day my very healthy fiance and i started dating, i’ve cut gluten and dairy almost entirely. i try to stay away from sugar but i still love chocolate. i drink less vino. we try to juice in the morning and stick to one caffeinated drink a day. if someone would’ve told me that’d be my diet five years ago, i would’ve a) thought i had turned into the lamest person on earth  2) been shocked that i was capable of that.

but it’s not because we’re lame that we do that. we are also the first people to order something crazydecadentdelish at a restaurant and drink a bunch of great wine with our friends, but for the day-to-day, in order to be inspired and inspiring and good at what we do, we’ve gotta feel good.

once i started to slowly cut some of the “crap” out of my diet, i felt too good to stop. bread tasted like cardboard. bad wine gave me a hangover worse than jameson. i didn’t crave the things i used to. they didn’t serve me anymore.

and though i certainly eat pretty damn good, i wanna feel better. i want to get creative with what i eat, cook, and share it with friends. i want to leave the farmers’ market every week with a huge bag of produce, not just a carton of kumquats.

but in the meantime, i have a nasty caffeine withdrawal headache.


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  1. Sara Hawkins says:

    Garrett and I have done a cleanse this past month…from the book “Clean” by Alex Junger. We both feel wonderful – however we do still crave pizza and tacos. Best of luck on your juice cleanse – how long is it?

  2. mb says:

    ooh, i’ll have to check it out!
    i’m just doing a week of eating raw food, but maybe longer! usually this stuff sticks with me. it’s hard to give up feeling good. :)

  3. mb says:

    thank you!!!

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