new home.

Posted on March 28th, by mb in gratitude, Uncategorized. 2 comments

welcome to ananda’s new home. we’re definitely staying put here. hanging up some drapes, maybe a little herb garden in the back, paint the kitchen. the works.

will there still be a whole lot of quotes and photos of my beloved bulldog rosy? oh yes! but as what i do shifts and grows, i needed a new home that sustained that growth and even allowed for conversation here on the blog (i.e. in the comments.)

2 Responses to “new home.”

  1. Alysia says:

    Congratulations on the move!
    It is sweet and beautiful :)

    Look forward to following your musings here as well….

  2. mb says:

    thanks darlin’! it’s getting there. :) much, much more to come soon.

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